A video that causes confusion .. The grandson of Saddam Hussein’s nephew is imprisoned in Lebanon

An audio recording that spread among Iraqis on social media during the past hours, about the arrest of a family member of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, caused confusion in Lebanon.

In the aforementioned video, Saad Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, the nephew of Saddam Hussein, appealed to Arab and international human rights organizations to intervene to find out the fate of his nephew, Abdullah Yasser al-Sabawi, who has been detained by the security authorities in Lebanon since last June on “malicious” charges. According to him.

public security

In this context, a senior Lebanese security source confirmed to Al Arabiya.net that “the grandson of the former Iraqi president’s nephew is actually detained by the General Security Agency (he is not Lebanese) pending a decision by the Lebanese judiciary to either release him or hand him over to the Iraqi authorities.”

On the other hand, it was remarkable that a high-ranking Lebanese judicial source confirmed to Al-Arabiya.net that “the Lebanese judiciary issued a decision after a period of his arrest to leave him while deciding the issue of his residence in Lebanon,” knowing, according to the source, “that the arrested person has the status of political asylum from a European country.” “.

raiding his apartment

Al-Sabawi had taken refuge in Lebanon with his family four years ago, after they had settled for years in Yemen after the fall of Saddam’s rule.

But on June 13, Abdullah’s apartment in the city of Jbeil, Mount Lebanon, was raided by a security apparatus (the security source confirmed that it was not General Security) and arrested him on charges of collaborating with ISIS, at the request of the Iraqi authorities.

Deal with ISIS?!

In this context, the senior judicial source pointed out that “the decision on this case is now in the custody of the Lebanese Public Security, after it became clear, according to his file, which we reviewed, that the charges against him related to his dealings with the terrorist organization “ISIS” are not based on facts and evidence.”

False accusations

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi government had issued a memorandum stating a request to the Lebanese government to extradite Sabawi to stand trial on charges of “committing massacres”.

However, Saad Al-Sabawi confirmed in the audio recording that “Abdullah has not entered Iraq since he left when he was eight years old, the day after the fall of Saddam’s regime, and that the accusations against him are “malicious” and have nothing to do with the truth.”

He also appealed to those he described as “people of conscience” to intervene to prevent the Lebanese authorities from handing over his nephew to the Iraqi government.

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