a woman from Nice tells about her fight against cancer

“You absolutely have to be an actor of your health”, pleads today Julie Meunier, author of the book “To my fighting sisters” which has just been published by Larousse. La Niçoise tells it “without taboo and without watering down but with humor” comment breast cancer changed her life and offers advice for its “combat brothers and sisters” who also fight against cancer and for “accompanying persons and caregivers who would like to know the prism of the patient”.

And one of his tips is to take a full assessment “at least once a year”. “It is no big deal to go see your GP, dentist, urologist or gynecologist to see if everything is going well, details Julie Meunier. Six years ago, at the age of 27, I had very aggressive cancer and it was discovered precisely because I had been doing this annual check-up since I was little. “

Julie Meunier believes that today is a “mission” to help his peers. “I want this unfortunate story that happened to me and took away a lot of things not to take away my smile and my desire to help my neighbor”, she develops. Before writing this book, the young woman had already created the brand Les Franjynes, which offers turbans and fake bangs to replace the wigs of women who have lost their hair to cancer.

Cancer patients can’t borrow money for 10 years

What if she recognizes that cancer “tends to be better recognized in society”, she regrets that the consequences in daily life are still so numerous. “When you’ve had cancer, you live with its stigma for a long time, explains the one who is now in remission phase. We wake up in the morning with scars, sometimes the inability to have a child because of chemo, and with the inability to borrow for 10 years because it is like that: when you have had cancer, you no longer have access to loan insurance for 10 years. “

A measure that she does not understand. “It’s a new fight because as soon as I have a project, I have to compose differently and it’s a real brake. Because when you come out of a story like this, you come out with full dreams. head that we just want to accomplish “, she concludes.

In the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region, cancer is the leading cause of death according to the Regional Health Agency. In 2019 alone, more than 30,000 cancers were diagnosed in the region.

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