A woman goes shopping and puts a secret surveillance camera in her bedroom.. And when she came back she saw the shocking surprise that she didn’t expect to happen!

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Some news sites on social media circulated details of a rare incident that occurred with a 28-year-old Chinese wife, who had to leave the house last Monday morning to buy some supplies for the house, and took advantage of the opportunity of her husband’s presence at home and sleeping with her child to meet her requirements.

According to what was reported in the British newspaper “Daily Star”, a Chinese woman left her home and left her child with her husband and felt some anxiety while she was abroad, so she checked on the baby and discovered the disaster at the time.

The woman explained that she had installed surveillance cameras in her bedroom, due to her frequent leaving the house, in the past period, and her absence and inability to contract with a person to take care of the infant, so she opened the surveillance cameras every quarter of an hour by phone to check on the infant.

The lady indicated that she did not turn on her phone that day and reassure her baby, because she was sure that her husband was at home and would take care of him, but she checked the cameras and found that the husband had accidentally strangled the baby while he was sleeping.

It is worth noting that the husband was already asleep, “according to the wife’s version”, but he did not realize that he strangled the child by placing the hood on his head, so he could not breathe.

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