A woman in her twenties takes off her robe of shame.. My husband is asking me for something forbidden by Sharia and has threatened to divorce if I do not do it.. You will not believe what he boldly wants to marry!

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Dr. Heba Kotb, family relations consultant, discusses during her weekly meetings with the media Amr Al-Leithi, in his program clearly broadcast on Al-Hayat channel, many issues and inquiries related to marital relations.

The discussions include many bold questions, which in the eyes of some may be outlandish or indecent, but they are discussed in a sober and polite framework despite the boldness of the questions they receive.

Among these questions, one of the women sent a letter to Dr. Heba Qutb, complaining about her husband’s desire to establish a relationship with her with his second wife, threatening her with divorce in case of refusal. Qutb replied, saying to her: “Do not accept, this is something forbidden, our Lord called it a legal retreat, and anything else, our Lord will hold you accountable for it.”


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