A World Cup goal! Luis Garrido scores with Marathón the first goal of his career after a splendid ‘laboratory’ with the Argentine Juan Vieyra


Marathón he started to win in La Ceiba at minute 15 against Victoria after a huge play Juan Vieyra and the midfielder Luis Garrido brand.

Everything happened after an infraction in the left sector where the Purslane team attacked, almost from the corner kick.


It was here that the Argentine scallop He made a laboratory play and far from looking for a direct shot on goal, taking into account that it is his perfect profile and distance, he preferred to try something better.

Ignacio He gave an exquisite ball just outside the area to Garrido who appeared from behind and with a powerful shot and the goalkeeper’s right angle beat Harold Fonseca that simply adorned the great goal.

This became the first goal in Luis Garrido’s professional career, according to the statistician of DIEZ, Ismael Ramos, The midfielder had never scored in his 182 National League games and neither in the National Team.

Luis Fernando made his debut in the Clausura 2012-2013 with OlimpiAy went through teams abroad until returning to Honduras with Marathón.

“It can be a great goal, a lucky goal or a cap, the important thing is that the ball crosses the goal line. The truth is that it would not matter, it would be something wonderful, great. For me it would be a blessing that I would receive with great humility. I can’t imagine scoring great goals from the Chilean or of that nature, but for me the important thing would be for the ball to go in”, the former national team told Opsa Group in 2018 when asked how he would react if he scored a goal, something that has happened four years after this interview.

For this duel in La Ceiba, the Uruguayan coach of Marathón had to make some necessary modifications by including goalkeeper Luis Ortiz and defenders Mikel Santos, Adrián Ramírez and Víctor Berríos due to absences due to injuries and expulsions.

The Green Monster did not count against Victoria with Denovan Torres due to suspension and defenders Braian Molina and Bryan Barrios due to injury, in addition to José Aguilera, Brayan Castillo and Isaac Castillo.

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