Absolutely stunning Gotham Knights in a hot new trailer in 4K on PC!

Game News Absolutely stunning Gotham Knights in a hot new trailer in 4K on PC!

Gotham Knights, the new entry into the Batman video game universe, will arrive on consoles and PC on October 21st. But this time, the Dark Knight will give way to his comrades in arms: Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Redhood!

Developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal, Gotham Knights is betting on a game without Batman, the latter being presumed dead and who “will remain so” in the words of Patrick Redding, creative director of the title.

Batman is gone, but Gotham needs heroes

On the other hand, the production will stage Court of Owlsa quasi-legendary secret society, at the center of a popular Batman comic series. For several months, we have regularly had the right to several gameplay videosmany details, and individual presentations of the four heroes who share the poster, and who will have the difficult task of defending Gotham against enemies who intend to take advantage of the death of Bruce Wayne. Originally planned for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, Gotham Knights will finally ignore the older generation, Warner Bros. wishing to make the most of the capabilities of next-generation consoles and of the PC, which is honored today.

A PC version that is eye-opening

Through a brand new trailer, the developers highlight features specific to the PC version of the game, which promises to be very pretty. So we are talking about 4K resolutionof course, but also of a high framerate and above all a support for the Ray-Tracing, NVIDIA DLSS2, but also AMD FSR2 and Intel XeSuper Sampling (XeSS). For players wondering, yes Gotham Knight will support wide screens and multi-screens. What to dive even more into Gotham City, its heights, and its darkest corners.

On top of all that, Warner Bros. will be offering a whole bunch of parameters to adjust as desired and the configuration in order to make the most of the game. And what better way to conclude this small visual presentation of the game than new artwork for some of the villains who will cross paths with our heroes? So we leave you with Clayface, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freezeknowing that Professor Pyg and the Penguin will also be there.

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