Abuse scandal in US women’s soccer! Serious allegations against coach – football

A new abuse scandal shakes women’s soccer in the USA!

After there was a wave of resignations in the American women’s professional league NWSL in October, there are now serious allegations against James Clarkson, coach and club boss of Houston Dash.

Clarkson has been suspended with immediate effect over serious allegations of alleged discrimination, harassment and abuse.

After the scandal in October, the league and the players’ association NWSLPA launched investigations. It has already been said that there are “current and previous complaints” against the coach.

The players Sinead Farrelly (31) and Meleana Shim (30) had described on “The Athletic” that North Carolina coach Paul Riley (58) was said to have harassed them for several years and forced them to have sex.

Other players also made public allegations against Clarkson. So now the conclusion has been drawn.

Foto: Getty Images, picture alliance / ZUMAPRESS.com

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Sinead Farrelly (left) and Meleana Shim report years of abuse and coercion by their former coachFoto: Getty Images, picture alliance / ZUMAPRESS.com

The club’s statement states that a final decision will be made after the ongoing investigation has been completed and all the results have been assessed.

Next Monday (May 2nd) the season starts in the NWSL. Houston then plays the San Diego Wave.

The league wants to change its rules so that it doesn’t happen again.

The Women’s Players’ Association wants officials to be severely punished for “malicious threats to sack, bench or switch players without a legitimate reason, or belittling players about their body image or weight”. .

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