ABYSS OF HEL – Into The Abyss

2023-12-26 10:09:24

Into The Abyss
(Death Metal | Industrial)

Label: MDD Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 30.11.2023

Actually as a one-man project by ex-THRUDVANGAR founded, blossomed ABYSS OF HEL quickly found the right band and is now presenting their first album, “Into The Abyss”. This should be attributed to Melodic Death, but you can find many other surprising genre influences on this ambitious first work.

After a beautifully orchestrated intro, the song “Devolution” breaks over us. Death metal can really be heard somewhere, but hidden behind a background of gothic, darkwave and industrial with fat rhythms and a progressive touch. Definitely interesting, but the vocals are a bit monotonous and somehow you don’t really know where the band is going. “Ancient Fears” is in a similar vein, but the rhythmic, slightly folky chorus, which seems almost ritualistic, is more catchy. But here too, the emphasis is on dynamism, lots of changes in tempo and also a few breaks.

ABYSS OF HELL want to crush their listeners, but at the same time also in atmospheric sound worlds that are as sterile as in FEAR FACTORYbut also dark and lulling à la DEATHSTARS act, kidnap. And this also works over long distances. In “Dolls”, Fontmann and founder Daniel Stromayer are a bit more variable and even invite you to shout along at times. But when a break occurs with exclusively electronic elements, you no longer know what’s going on. But that’s kind of pleasing too. The following “I’ll Fade Away” features more traditional death metal drumming, paired with anthemic parts

So I won’t talk about it for much longer, because the other tracks also contain all sorts of surprises and the Germans manage to create a very unique sound here. That means: Death Metal beats and riffs, paired with a sterile industrial atmosphere and creative excursions into other genres, that’s what awaits us on this ambitious debut. This may of course be polarizing, but metalheads who like to discover new things should give this a listen!

Tracklist „Into The Abyss“:

1. Devolution
2. Ancient Fears
3. Dolls
4. I’ll Fade Away
5. Into the Abyss
6. The Soulless King
7. Shores Of Mind
8. The Battle Within
9. My Creation
10. Slaves
Total playing time: 47:11


abyss of hel into the abyss ABYSS OF HEL - Into The Abyss ABYSS OF HEL - Into The Abyss

abyss of hel into the abyss
ABYSS OF HEL – Into The Abyss
Daniel Stromayer (Vocals)
Robin Tomas Bohn (Guitars)
Diana Große (Keys, Backings)
Rustam Guseinov (Drums)
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