Acceptance of a new batch of doctors in the armed forces.. with details

In this report, we will learn about the details of accepting a new batch of doctors in the armed forces, for those who hold a master’s degree and doctorate to be assigned to work in the armed forces, coinciding with the ratification of the first batch of doctors, Muhammad Zaki, to accept a new batch.

Details and conditions for accepting a new batch of doctors in the armed forces:

  • The candidate, his parents and grandparents shall be Egyptians.
  • He must not have been previously convicted of a criminal penalty or a crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Be well-behaved.
  • Recruitment transaction and extracted from the recruiting department or from the candidate’s recruitment area.
  • Be medically fit according to the conditions of medical fitness.
  • Pass psychological tests and personal test as assessed by the testing committee.
  • The candidate is obligated to wear the applicable military uniform in the armed forces.
  • For human doctors who have a master’s degree, the age should not be more than 34 years on 1/1/2023, and those who have a doctorate’s degree should not be more than 38 years old on 1/1/2023, and also the grade should not be less than good, and the doctor has spent the privilege period .

As for the period of assignment in military capacity, it is a maximum of four years, and the officer is given an experience certificate after the end of the assignment period, and the door for withdrawing admission files will be opened from Monday, August 15, for a month.

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