Accurate Weather Forecast: Partly Cloudy with Showers and Thunderclaps | Saturday and Sunday Updates

2023-10-27 04:46:48

During the day, the sky will become partly cloudy with localized showers. To the west, these showers will be more intense with the risk of a few thunderclaps in the coastal region. This evening and early in the night, the risk of a few localized showers will persist (mainly in the south-east), but the weather will however remain dry in most regions with sunny spells. Later during the night, cloudiness will increase with local showers or periods of rain, especially in Upper Belgium and the west.

On Saturday, we expect showers or a few periods of rain especially south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow. Elsewhere, it will be drier with more clearing. Saturday evening or during the following night, an area of ​​active rain will cross our country from the southwest. The maximums will be between 9 or 10 degrees in the Ardennes and 15 degrees in the west. The wind will be moderate to fairly strong from south to southwest with gusts of 50 to 60 km/h (and up to 70 km/h in the evening or overnight).

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Sunday morning, the weather will be dry in most regions with large clearings except in the southeast. As the hours pass, clouds will become more numerous and the risk of intense showers or even thunderstorms will increase. The weather should also remain unstable even in the evening. The maxima will be between 10 degrees on the heights of the Ardennes and 15 degrees in the center. The wind will be present again, moderate to fairly strong from the southwest returning to the south with gusts of up to 70 km/h, or even a little more on the Ardennes terrain and on the coast.

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