Acrobatics at a height of 50 meters: tightrope walkers celebrate the end of the lockdown

Watch the video: tightrope walkers practice their breakneck sport over the ruins of Trosky Castle in the Czech Republic.

Top acrobatic performances under the rainbow and against a breathtaking backdrop. Acrobats practiced their breakneck sport above the ruins of Trosky Castle in the north of the Czech Republic. One of them is climbing instructor Jakub Uhlir: “It is wonderful to balance here on the rope, to stand between these two towers. Trosky Castle is simply beautiful, a symbol of the area here.” Even if your hands start to sweat while watching: the tightrope walkers are secured. An extra rope would prevent her from falling. The tightrope walk at Trosky Castle was the first comparable event since the corona-related contact restrictions came into force in the Czech Republic.

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