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The multiple learnings in innovation and adaptation and the deep reflections that confronted the world and confirm essential aspects, such as that the most valuable thing in organizations are people and their collective ability to overcome adversity, without a doubt position 2020 as a year to remember.

In the midst of this panorama, organizations such as Compensar, not being immune to the great litmus test that facing the effects of the pandemic has meant, has continued to be a relevant actor for society, dynamically adapting to the circumstances of each moment through implementation of multiple actions that ratify its genuine interest in the comprehensive welfare of Colombians.

Thus, just to mention some figures that reflect its social impact on companies, workers and the community in general, this entity carried out 45.7 million activities between cash and health in November, developed new subsidy modalities to favor more than 43,000 people with the emergency subsidy and another 7,000 with the rental subsidy, and in the midst of the complex panorama of unemployment in the country, it helped place 26,000 people to work and trained more than 80,000 virtually through its Employment Agency. Employment and Entrepreneurship, thus ratifying one of the principles that gave rise to this compensation fund 42 years ago: well-being is a legitimate right of people and only through the recovery of that well-being, is it possible to resume a project life and contribute to the strengthening of the country.

Challenges in the immediate future

In the midst of the current process of economic reactivation, Compensar knows that, despite the different efforts made, much remains to be done and is clear about the challenges that society will face in the coming year, that is why it will continue to contribute to the implementation implementation of strategies for the generation of employment, housing and technological developments, increasingly necessary, with a view to empowering people in the face of the new reality. In addition, it will continue to give continuity to all those actions aimed at the consolidation of components inherent to the being to contribute to its physical and emotional balance, because only by strengthening its capacities, the human being can more easily overcome the challenges of the present time.

For this reason, the statement of commitment of this entity is evident in the words of Carlos Mauricio Vásquez, general director of Compensar, when he says “we will continue working together with greater force with the conviction that integral well-being and social progress can only be possible if they are collective ”adding that,“ only through the sum of efforts will we contribute significantly to the reconstruction of the social and business fabric and to the economic recovery of the country ”.

Compensar closes a new year of social contribution that was possible thanks to its joint work with affiliated companies and workers, collaborators and their families, allies and suppliers, and that extensive articulated network that, today, is constituted in an unstoppable collective force that rises every morning with the purpose of serving others.

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