Actiu is hooked on the rise of teleworking and creates a line to adapt hotels and hospitals

ALICANTE. Teleworking, forced during the first phase of the pandemic, has come to stay once the third wave is over. Despite the reluctance of some companies, remote work is gaining ground to face-to-faceism in those sectors or functions where it is possible, and new ways of carrying it out are being incorporated. Because teleworking is not the same as working from home, but being able to do it from anywhere, and this upward trend has opened a new market niche for countless companies.

Alicante Active, specialized in the manufacture of office furniture and for large facilities (such as hospitals or airports), has decided to ride the wave of teleworking and has launched a new specific line to promote the installation of hybrid spaces: that is, places not intended for teleworking but where it is possible to carry it out. Thus, apart from classic offices or coworkings, the Castalla-based firm is committed to converting places such as hotels, educational centers, restaurants and cafeterias, and even hospitals, into spaces suitable for teleworking.

The philosophy of this new line, which the Berbegal family company wants to promote in the coming months to take advantage of new trends, is to take advantage of the large spaces of the aforementioned buildings, such as the halls or the common areas and passageways, which are usually little used , in order to create areas suitable for teleworking. For this, Actiu has designed a specific line of furniture that adapts to these spaces and that, in addition, can incorporate all the features of its new platform Gaia, which allows the intelligent management of spaces to improve their efficiency and make them healthier: from controlling the temperature to the time the user spends sitting.

One of the sectors that can best take advantage of this new trend, and with which Actiu is already working, is hotels. “At Actiu we want to enrich the use of hotels, both from the point of view of leisure and work. We spend many hours in common spaces and the objective is to invest all that time. It is about reinventing these spaces, providing them with design, functionality and security, making them friendlier and incorporating new uses “, says the director of Actiu Solitude Berbegal.

To promote this new branch of business, Actiu has designed a wide variety of multipurpose products, with a friendly and transversal aesthetic, which stand out for their comfort and ergonomic design. Qualities that allow them to fit into all types of collective spaces and, at the same time, offer the same benefits and comfort as professional designer furniture. An example of an establishment that has assimilated this new trend with Actiu furniture is the Cantabrian House of Tides, what advocates a design in format coliving with seven suites.

But Castalla’s signature has also made its way into the education sector, with new proposals to convert educational spaces (not only classrooms, but also open areas) into multifunctional, horizontal, integrated and flexible environments, in line with the hybrid model of education towards which progress has been made during the pandemic, combining the presence with the training online. Other spaces that can take advantage of their potential as teleworking spaces, according to the company, are restaurants and cafeterias, large spaces such as the aforementioned airports, and even health buildings.


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