Actress Alina Lozano’s Marriage Troubles with Influencer Husband Jim Velásquez

2023-11-30 22:19:30

Although the Colombian actress, Alina Lozano, who played Margarita in ‘La Reina del Sur’, and the influencer Jim Velásquez have faced criticism for their relationship due to the age difference, they showed that love triumphed and they reached the altar last week. .

The 54-year-old actress and the 23-year-old influencer are giving something to talk about because a few days before their wedding, Alina commented in a live broadcast that they are not currently living together because he left home and that they have had little contact.

“I’m wondering: Where is my husband? I think he is in crisis… He went to my in-laws, which seems fine to me,” she revealed.

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And he added: “He told me: ‘When we’re done, we’ll get married and all that. You know that at this moment it is not the honeymoon, but we have everything organized.’ And I agreed with that.”

Alina also accused that they do not have much communication even though they are already husband and wife: “I don’t talk to him. I understand that he wants to breathe, to share with his parents, but I don’t communicate with him. I write to him and he doesn’t answer me… and if he does, he answers me what is strictly necessary and work things.”

The actress, who is now also an influencer, indicated that this behavior was due to the jealousy that her now husband feels towards one of his co-workers: “Here I am going to tell you what is happening: He is in a jealousy crisis. Because? (By) Sebastián, who is my Community manager,” she confessed.

This is Sebastián, the Community manager who has unleashed Jim’s jealousy:

He is the actress’s community manager, the one who unleashed Jim’s jealousy / Instagram

According to Alina, Jim is jealous of Sebastián because they have been very close after the wedding to know strategies for their social networks, something that her husband interprets as something else: “For some reason that I don’t know, Jim is jealous of him, but now bordering on… the way he is when he goes into crisis, he distances himself,” he explained.

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The actress acknowledged that she feels “angry” because it seems “selfish on his part” because “he knows perfectly well the type of woman I am.”

Alina and Jim are already in crisis and have been married for a few days / Instagram

She also said that she will not look for her husband to fix the misunderstanding and titled the video as “this marriage is already in crisis”: “If he leaves for clear reasons, I understand it perfectly, but that does not mean that I stop work or that I cannot do it with Sebastián. “I’m never going to do that.”

And he concluded: “I have learned to value myself and love myself very much. Before she did tear my clothes, (but now) no. He will appear when he has something and we will talk about it.”

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