Actress Ilham Shaheen… exposes what is hidden from the movie “Helfoot”, and how the artist Adel Imam stopped in the scenes with her, except with the intervention of the director.! !

When the actress Ilham Shaheen was asked about the first credit for her stardom, the answer was decisive, and it was the leader Adel Imam for her to play the starring role in front of him in the movie “Helfoot.”

And that she considered herself a TV star before the movie “Helfoot”, but after this movie, she became a movie star.

The artist, Elham Shaheen, confirmed that the artist, Adel Imam, did not stop in the exciting scenes except at the request of the director, and after that she became a star after her participation in the movie “Helfoot” with the leader Adel Imam, and she said during previous statements on a television program accompanied by the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi on the Ontv channel,

She considered herself a TV star before the movie “Helfoot”, but after this movie, she became a movie star.

The star, Ilham Shaheen, said that she chose the details of the “Faten” character, which she presents in the events of the movie “Curfew”, by herself,

As she presents the character of a woman who has served 20 years in prison, noting during her statements on a program with the media, Lamis Al-Hadidi on an Egyptian channel, that she was not afraid to appear ugly or far from her,

And she chose to wear a black wig to completely change her look and change it herself by adding some tufts of white hair.

Shaheen said, “The films must be presented in a way that helps to solve and confront problems, and that the film bears a cause that empowers women, and the star Ilham Shaheen revealed that she decided to do the movie “Curfew”,

Exceptionally, as she decided not to present other films after the movie “A Day for Women”, which is the 100th movie, saying: “When I was young, I used to tell myself the oldest 100 films, adding that the movie “Curfew” attracted her attention from the first scene,

He is a woman who got out of prison after 20 years and decided to present this work. For his part, the Egyptian artist Adel Imam expressed his happiness with the statements of the artist Ilham Shaheen, in which she said that her stardom began when she participated in the movie “Helfoot”.

In previous press statements, he confirmed that he found in her a distinguished artist who loves and sanctifies art, and was committed to the utmost degree, which created great chemistry between them during the filming of the film, and she directed the work in a distinctive way.

It is worth noting that the movie “Helfoot” was shown in cinemas in mid-1985, starring Adel Imam, Saeed Saleh, Ilham Shaheen, Hussein El-Sherbiny and Salah Kabil, and it was written by Waheed Hamed and directed by Samir Seif.

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