Adam Silver discusses the evolution of the League and the physicality of basketball in the 90s in an interview with Kevin Garnett.

2023-05-26 08:44:00

Interviewed by Kevin Garnett, Adam Silver returned to the evolution of the League compared to the last decades. According to the NBA boss, the game had become too physical in the 90s.

How many times in recent years have we heard former players explain that the game before was much better or that the League had become soft over time? Too many whistled fouls, not enough rough play as we saw in the past. Without leaving on the Bad Boys, certain players seemed to regret the disappearance of this physical dimension of the game of the 90’s. Obviously not Adam Silver.

Interviewed by Kevin Garnett on his show KG Certifiedthe commissioner of the NBA does not regret the big duels of this time and he even thinks that it could restrain or set back the qualities of certain players.

Adam Silver believes the NBA became too ‘physical’ in the 90s

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“At the end of the 90s, the game became too physical. For our fans, the aesthetic enjoyment of the game no longer focused on a player’s particular skills and was perhaps too focused on the physical, where a tall and strong player could come into play and impede an incredibly able to do whatever he wanted.

I think of what a smaller player like Stephen Curry can do on the court, I think of his ability to shoot and move around the key. If guys could just kick it and put it down, because it was in the league, I don’t think that would be a better version of basketball.”

If the boss of the League is therefore satisfied with the evolution of the game, he also hears those who want to return to more intensity and a more physical game. According to him, the evolution of the rules put in place in recent years (especially with arbitration) also makes it possible to return to a harder basketball and with more contact.

“I also think we have to strike the right balance because I know when I’m sitting in the stands and talking to my friends, they want a little more physical play back. I think people like to see a tough defense. I don’t think people like the idea that players can get away with it and you protect your star players.

In fact, we made a few changes this season, with “unnatural” moves – players were playing with the system and finding ways to turn those moves into defensive fouls. So we have reset the system this year, what to do in the offseason. We made it clear to these players that they would not get any more fouls this way. Of course, these great players adapt and find other ways to score.

If Silver seems open to the idea of ​​having more contact in the game, it seems unlikely to return to the physical dimension of the 90’s. Suffice to say that those who loved landing in front of a Pistons – Bulls or a Knicks – Heat three decades ago are not likely to find their favorite dish again for a while.

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