Adamari Lpez is ‘devoured alive’ for presuming a healthy life: “You are still just as fat”

Miami, EU.-Actress and hostAdamari Lopez She was ruthlessly criticized by social network users after she published a video where she presumes it has been another month.eating healthierand being more physically active.

May has been a month of celebrations and today I have another great reason to celebrate becauseI am another month living a healthy lifestyleand focused on my well-being. I am happy and grateful that they are part of this wonderful stage that I am living and enjoying, “said the celebrity.

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However, netizens broke the silence and revealed that they are somewhat tired of seeing how the 49-year-old Puerto Rican presumes her fitness life, but“never lose weight”.

These were some of the comments:

I see the same, it has not gone down much, does it look the same or be TV?

The poor, in diet and exercise and does not go down.

But don’t you say how much you’ve come down to be nothing?

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Poor Ada is just like me. So much diet and exercise not to lose even a salty pound.

Healthy do you call your fat? Wow.

You exercise a lot, butyou can’t see the change.

Oh, girl and how many pounds did you lose? whyI see you the sameand with all the effort you make.

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