“Additional measures will be necessary”: Emmanuel André comments on the poor health situation

The figures for the evolution of the coronavirus continue to be worrying. The number of hospital admissions is now above the peak of the third wave and the trend is still increasing.

This new situation made Emmanuel André react on Twitter. “In Belgium, the indicators remain red, both with regard to the acceleration in the number of infections and the number of hospitalizations. This in a context where the different pillars of our healthcare system are sending out alarm signals (first line, labs & tracing). We are therefore reaching the limits of what our healthcare system, both in its preventive and curative aspects, manages to withstand. We can still push this whole system to its limits. But then we will encroach on the quality of work and care“, explains the virologist on Twitter.

For him, “additional measures will therefore be necessary. And these will further radicalize those who oppose the current measures, because they are insufficient. We are coming through difficult times. Where we must continue to form society. Winter will be long. Our weariness and our doubts will make us even more receptive to dream sellers and conspirators of all kinds. But we’ll get there. Togethere “, he concludes.

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