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Adobe Co., Ltd. announced additional speakers for the Japanese original session at the creative festival “Adobe MAX 2022” to be held on October 19th and 20th, 2022 (US time: October 18th to 20th). .

In the Japanese original session, Tomoe Shinohara, who is currently active as a designer and artist, and Daisuke Sakai and Gaku Kudo from teamLab, which is famous for various art exhibitions, will be on stage. In the breakout session, specialists from various fields will be on stage, including TikTok creator Shuichiro, who has 1.9 million followers, and comedian Gerardon’s Attack Nishimoto.

In addition, for those who have registered online for Adobe MAX from Japan through the Japanese page by 23:59 on October 14th (Japan time), Adobe will be available at the MAX Store (Japan), which will be available from October 3rd. We are also conducting a campaign where 1,000 yen worth of coupons that can be used to purchase original Adobe MAX goods will be won by 100 people by lottery.

Adobe MAX 2022 will release keynotes and more than 200 breakout sessions for each region, aligned with the time zones of the major regions, starting in US time. In addition to global content, more than 30 Japanese original sessions aimed at a wide audience can all be viewed for free.

Adobe MAX 2022 main additional speakers and presentation schedule

Tomoe Shinohara|Designer/Artist

October 19, 2022 (water) 12:00~13:00
“Source of creativity”


Tomoe Shinohara|Profile

Debuted as a singer in 1995. She graduated from Bunka Women’s University (currently Bunka Gakuen) Junior College Department of Clothing Design major. After working in television, movies, and theatre, she is currently collaborating with various companies in the field of design and is also active as a costume designer. In 2020, she established the creative studio “STUDEO” with art director Tatsuki Ikezawa. In 2022, she collaborated with the Japan Tanners Association and announced “THE LEATHER SCRAP KIMONO”, which won the silver award in the brand communication design category and the bronze award in the fashion design category at the New York ADC Awards, an international award.

teamLab Daisuke Sakai / Gaku Kudo

October 19, 2022 (water) 12:00~13:00
“Source of creativity”

(Left photo) Mr. Sakai, (Right photo) Mr. Kudo

■ Profile

Mr. Daisuke Sakai:Director of teamLab. He is mainly responsible for solutions. Resona group app, ZIPAIR app, acure pass, etc.

Mr. Gaku Kudo:He has been involved in teamLab art exhibitions around the world, including New York, London, Paris, Beijing, and Abu Dhabi.

teamLab:Activities started in 2001. An international interdisciplinary collective exploring the intersection of art, science, technology and the natural world through collective creation. It consists of specialists in various fields such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects.

Shuichiro | Tiktok Creator

October 19, 2022 (water) 14:30~15:00
“Popular TikTok creator Shuichiro teaches! How to make a buzzing video”


Mr. Shuichiro|Profile

About two years after TikTok started on May 21, 2020, the total number of TikTok followers is 2.3 million. In Japan, he was featured in the “Vlog” that introduced the completely new “daily life of college students” at the time, and the average number of views exceeded 1.5 million. A creator who quickly grasped the trend of TikTok and is making rapid progress with multi-field content, including “verification” on short video platforms centered on TikTok, making use of his strengths, voice and tempo, other than Vlog. In addition, he is active in business and media by making use of his own detailed analytical skills and know-how.

Attack Nishimoto|Entertainer

October 19 (water) 17:00~17:30
“One word with photos! How to use Adobe Stock-Let’s hone your imagination”

This time, “Yoshimoto entertainers liven up companies nationwide with guts!” From BS Yoshimoto’s corporate variety “Guts 100% TV”, Mr. Kota Nakayama, Mr. Takahiro Ogata (Panther), Mr. Yoshimasa Iwahashi (plus minus), Nadal Mr. (Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers) will also participate.


Attack Nishimoto | Profile

One of the members of the trio “Gerardon”. 2021 King of Conte Finals.

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