Aeon Mall Kagoshima Grand Opening: 2,500 People Lined Up for Lucky Bags

2024-01-01 06:45:00

MBC News | First time shopping at Aeon Mall Kagoshima. Approximately 2,500 people lined up to buy lucky bags before the store opens “We want to have a fun New Year”

First time selling at Aeon Mall Kagoshima. Approximately 2,500 people lined up before opening to ask for lucky bags. “We want to have a fun New Year”[01/01 15:45]

A commercial facility in Kagoshima City held its first business, and was crowded with customers from early in the morning.

Approximately 2,500 people lined up at Aeon Mall Kagoshima, about 500 more than last year.

“I came to buy clothes. I would be happy if I could buy them.”

“(My daughter) came to me asking for a stationery lucky bag.”

When the store opened at 9 a.m., customers trotted out in search of the products they were looking for. At the sales floor, people enjoyed shopping, picking up lucky bags one after another, and trying their hand at the customary all-you-can-fill towel service.

(Q. Were you able to buy what you wanted?)

“I was able to buy most of it. I like clothes in these colors, so I want to wear them a lot.”

“Send (sweets) to my parents’ house and my husband’s parents’ house. I want them to have a fun New Year.”

Today, we will be open until 9pm, earlier than usual, and from tomorrow 2nd, we will be open as usual, with some exceptions.

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