Affordable Medical Schools in Colombia for Future Doctors: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-11-11 01:58:25

According to population information from the Ministry of Education, in 2022 there were a total of 32,689 graduates in health and well-being, so studying medicine continues to be among the options that young people see to practice professionally, however, it is not a secret that This race is one of the most expensive in Colombia.

The cost of semester tuition at a private university can range from $11 million to $37 million. For students who do not have the financial resources to pay such a high tuition fee, it is important to know the options available.

It should be noted that the cheapest universities are public onesthe National University, for example, is one of the best ranked and students could pay only $100,000 pesos per semester, if they had a great ICFES score.

Cheap universities to study medicine

According to the data available on the different web portals, this is how the cheapest universities to study medicine in Colombia are located.

Universidad Cooperativa de Pasto: $11,436,348Fundación Universitaria San Martín, Cali: $11,984,800Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Santa Marta: $13,344,660Universidad de Boyacá: $14,400,000Institución Universitaria Visión de las Américas, Pereira: $15,286,041Universidad San Martín de Bogotá: $16 .068. 000Sanitas University Foundation: $16,493,800New Granada Military University: $18,471,000.Pontifical Bolivarian University: $21,010,200Icesi Cali University: $23,200,000

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Choosing a university to study medicine is an important decision that must be made carefully. Don’t forget that the cost of tuition may vary depending on the type of study (in-person or virtual), the location of the university, the year, and other factors.

What does a doctor do?

Doctors in Colombia are health professionals responsible for providing medical care, educating other health professionals, and investigating diseases. They may work in hospitals, clinics, private offices, or other settings.

In Colombia there are 316 Higher Education Institutions and 66 of them have High Quality Institutional Accreditation granted by the Ministry of National Education, which, in the field of health sciences education, has a Colombian Association of Medical Faculties , of which 55 universities from all over the country are part.

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The medical schools that stand out in quality and research rankings

According to the annual Times Higher Education 2023 World University Rankings by Subject, which highlights leading universities in medicine, dentistry and other health subjects, the U. of Oxford leads the list.

This year’s study includes 1,001 universities, compared to 925 last year, worldwide, where in Colombia the National University is the leader in medicine in the ranking 251-300 and a proportion of 39 women compared to 61 men.

In the same range, third place is occupied by the Javeriana University, with a proportion of 55 women compared to 45 men, where the semester is in 2023 at $29,981,000.

Next in the ranking is the University of Los Andes in the ranking of 601-800, there the semester is approximately $34,380,000.

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