Afraid of having your electric scooter stolen? These models have the solution

2023-11-16 08:00:00

Gogoro, the leader of the electric scooters, partners with Apple to equip its electric scooters with intelligent functions. This integration aims to make the scooters more user-friendly for consumers by bringing them advanced features they have never seen before.

Gogoro, one of the major players in the swappable battery electric scooter market, is taking a leaf out of Apple’s book. Or more precisely, it’s working with the consumer electronics giant to integrate key Apple features directly into its scooters. The company announced today that it will begin leveraging NFC keyless unlocking of its scooters with Apple Wallet. This feature will allow users to activate and lock their scooters directly from their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Gogoro adds several Apple functions to its electric scooters

Gogoro has announced that its electric scooters can be locked and unlocked using an iPhone or Apple Watch. In fact, the scooter key will be integrated into the Apple Wallet and can act as a digital key. This digital technology is commonly called NFC (near field communication). It is also found in major automotive brands such as Tesla, BMW and others, but this is a first for a two-wheeler. Riders can then simply hold their device near the Smartscooter’s NFC-enabled reader to unlock and start the scooter.

Sounds innovative, doesn’t it? But that’s not all ! This digital key can also be shared with other iOS users by sending a text on Apple Messages or other messaging platforms. You are afraid of having your electric scooter stolen. Note, however, that owners retain control of this digital key and can cancel shared access at any time.

Gogoro indicated that this Apple feature will be introduced in its latest models. In particular the SuperSport TCS, Gogoro Delight, Gogoro CrossOver, and Gogoro CrossOver S Smartscooters. Furthermore, more than 300,000 existing electric scooters will also be available to benefit from the digital key. Horace Luke, founder and CEO of Gogoro, said the Scooter key in Apple Wallet provides greater convenience for new and existing customers.

Apple Find coming soon

Gogoro is also working with Apple to integrate another key feature of geolocation. Gogoro electric scooters will soon have a fonction Apple Find My integrated directly into the scooter. This means that SmartScooter owners will be able to locate their scooters directly from their phone and report them as lost if they go missing.

Gogoro also assures that it cannot access users’ Apple wallets or personal information on their device. Which will guarantee user privacy.

THE new Apple features mark another hardware improvement to the Gogoro line. Lately we have seen the company deploy new models. Make major announcements regarding the international expansion of its scooters and battery swapping platform.

Smartscooters from Gogoro often attract attention. However, it’s the company’s take on battery swapping that is the key to its success.

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