After dog mishaps, Biden takes a cat to the White House

Boranimal upheaval in perspective at the White House. President Joe Biden’s dogs will soon have to learn to cohabit with a new occupant: a cat. “Yes it is true”, confirmed the first lady Jill Biden, in an interview broadcast Friday on the American channel NBC, specifying that the feline was already present in one of the wings of the White House.

The new arrival comes after canine misadventures involving the youngest dog in the presidential family, the rowdy German Shepherd Major, behind two incidents of bites on White House staff.

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Coming from a shelter and aged 3, Major had to leave the presidential home for several weeks in April in order to undergo training to help him adapt to his new environment, always crowded. Back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Major and his sidekick Champ, the older and wiser presidential couple’s other German Shepherd, will now have to learn to deal with the presence of a cat in their territory. “It was part of his training. They took him to a cat shelter and he behaved well, ”said Jill Biden of the tumultuous canine.

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