After exceeding one billion dollars in revenues, the secret of the success of “Super Mario Bros”

2023-05-05 06:05:52

The “Super Mario Brothers” movie continues to break world records after its revenues exceeded the billion-dollar threshold, becoming the first movie to achieve this achievement in 2023.

An achievement that no other film has achieved this year, surpassing many blockbuster films with real characters embodied by Hollywood stars.

“Super Mario Brothers” embodies the game that saw the light in 1985, which is among the best-selling video games around the world.

A game that left a great impact and unforgettable memories among fans of the first generations of video games, as characters such as Mario and his brother Luigi and Princess Peach and the rest of the characters have a special place in the hearts of many.

Film experts, in turn, described the success of the film as shaping the features of the film industry in the future, as films and television films will continue to benefit from the stories of the world of video games, because this industry is growing increasingly, as almost half of humanity plays video games.

Another reason, according to critics, for the success of this type of film, is that the television and film industries are witnessing a limited contraction.

The success of the “Super Mario Brothers” movie is an encouraging factor for studio owners to consider other games that can be tuned and quoted, perhaps the most prominent of which is the developers of the “Crash Bandicoot” game, who may catch up with Mario through a huge movie.

In this context, art and film critic Mohamed Hegazy said:

  • The monotony of regular movies made people prefer cartoon movies.
  • Super Mario attracted everyone despite their differences.
  • The viewer wants to enjoy the time he spends in front of the screen, the cartoon is able to entertain more than regular movies.

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