After her concert in Riyadh, too, bullying pursues Asala after Haifa Wehbe

Social media users shared new photos of the artist, Asala, as she prepared to perform a concert, yesterday evening, Saturday, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Asala was subjected to many criticisms via Twitter by social media pioneers, and some commented on changing her features, while others compared a similar situation to the Lebanese artist. Haifa Wehbe During her revival of a concert in Riyadh as well.

About a month ago, Asala appeared younger at her concert in Egypt, and some likened her to Balqis Fathi, while others likened her to Basma Bousil, and some attributed this to the effect of makeup from a beautician who published several pictures of Asala through her Instagram account.

Later, in a television interview, Asala announced that she had undergone plastic surgery, refusing to reveal the exact details of the operation.

It is noteworthy that several videos and pictures of Haifa Wehbe were spread behind the scenes of her concert in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, taken from a lower angle that showed her with different and older features, which sparked a campaign of bullying against her.

And the owner of “Boss Al Wawa” previously commented in a television interview on that uproar, confirming that she does not pay attention to such matters, saying, “I do not stop like this issue, because the matter may happen with anyone,” noting that the real response is her appearance in front of millions. Live in form and art.

And later, in a message via the Al-Astori feature on her own account on “Instagram”, the Lebanese artist scolded all her critics, and considered that distorting her features or showing her older is due to a sick and poor psyche of these people, saying, “I lack fangs.”

She also indicated that everything that happened was a failed smear campaign in which many women and disrespectful men participated, she said.

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