After her marriage at the age of 13, a strange coincidence leads 4 sisters in Jizan to meet their sister after 35 years of separation!

Al-Marsad newspaper: A strange coincidence led to the meeting of 4 sisters in the Jazan region with their sister, who has been absent from them for 35 years, and her news and means of communication were cut off, and she spent her life in the Yemeni Abs after her marriage at the age of 13.

The details, according to “Al-Watan” newspaper, are that the nephew of the absent niece who works in Abu Arish Hospital met someone and talked to him about the situation in Yemen, and during that he asked him about a woman there who is close to him, if he had heard of her. The person replied that he knew her story, explaining that her name was Fatima Al-Areisha, and they exchanged contact numbers between them.

After the person referred to the hospital returned to Yemen, he met Fatima, gave her the contact number for her relatives, and communicated with her on a daily basis.

For her part, Fatima’s sister recounted that her nephew told them the story of the hadith, her presence in Yemen, and that she was contacted daily, and asked her to return to the Jazan region and meet her family, and live with them for the remainder of her life, as the inheritance of her father was distributed, and only the part allocated to her remained. And that they believed in her return, and that they were reunited after a separation of more than 35 years.

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