After his crisis in Turkey, Omar Suleiman tells the details of his investigation

Negation The world-renowned Syrian artist and singer, Omar SuleimanDefinitely his membership in any party or political grouping, after his release by the Turkish authorities, who detained him twice last week, accusing him of belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which is banned in Turkey, and his association with the Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

وقال The star of the Syrian Dabkeh and “Techno Music” Who sings in both Arabic and Kurdish: “I was investigated by the Turkish authorities, after they accused me of collaborating with a Kurdish party.”

He also revealed in an interview with Al that “the authorities searched his mobile phone, but did not find evidence to confirm the accusations against him, saying, “Because I am not originally a member of any party, neither in Syria nor in Turkey, or in any other country.”

‘I have nothing to do with politics’

In addition, he added over the phone: “I belong to the artists’ party only, I am a singer, and I go out on stage to make people happy with my music, my songs, and my presence with them, and therefore I have nothing to do with politics, and I said these words to those who conducted investigations with me, so that they themselves verified the validity of this matter. Then they released me later, after it became clear to them that I also had no links with political parties.”

The singer, who has been legally residing in Turkey for about 10 years, added, “His field of work is limited to art alone, such as holding concerts and musical evenings in Turkey and abroad, and therefore all his contacts are limited and related to art only, and his only mission is to make people happy.”

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He also revealed that “the Turkish authorities are doing their part after receiving reports about the residence of any artist or any other person on their lands. They are investigating the matter to prove the charges or acquit people, and this is what happened with him, as the authorities released him unconditionally or without restrictions, after it was proven to them He is innocent of all charges brought against him.

big bang

It is noteworthy that Ankara detained Suleiman in the middle of last week, and then released him, but it detained him again before releasing him last Saturday morning for the second time.

The detention of the famous Syrian artist caused a sensation in Turkey and abroad, after the major news agencies and satellite news channels reported the news of his detention.

The 55-year-old Syrian singer, who has performed on prestigious theaters in Turkey, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries, is famous for presenting songs written in Arabic and Kurdish, the most famous of which is the song “Warni, Warni”.

Omar Soliman

The Syrian Dabke star, who is nicknamed “Caesar”, began his artistic career from his hometown in Ras al-Ain, which is located north of Al-Hasakah Governorate, where he sang at wedding parties before he was later able to achieve great stardom and cooperate with foreign singers.

Suleiman is not the first artist to be accused by Ankara of membership in the “PKK”, which has been waging an armed rebellion against it since 1984. It had previously detained prominent artists for years, including the German singer of Kurdish origin “Hozan Janeh”, who was released in October from Last year, after spending two years in Turkish prisons, accusing her of belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

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The Turkish authorities also detained foreign journalists under the pretext of membership in the party whose founder and leader, Abdullah Ocalan, has been imprisoned by Ankara for more than 22 years. From his solitary confinement on the island of Imrali.

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