After more than ten years, the Montana circus has returned to Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton

Montana circus artists ©Reveil normand

It is a family circus that has been passed down for 80 years, from generation to generation. the cirque Montana is back in the area. It is managed by Luidgi Montana, who succeeded his father Jean-Pierre. He had already come with this circus in April 2009 to Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton (Orne).

The show was sold out

Children delighted to meet the animals
Children delighted to meet the animals ©Reveil normand

Tuesday May 3 and Wednesday May 4, 2022, the Montana circus stopped in the town after several performances in the surrounding area. A superb red marquee has been erected in front of the town hall, right in the town with ponies, ducks, llamas and even a camel.

The Montana circus, which has always remained independent, offers a circus show with its eight artists with juggling, the clown Chocolat, the unicycle, Lévi on the diabolo, Cookie, the chihuahua of Mr. Wilson without forgetting the passages of the camel and the llama , to the delight of children.

The marquee was sold out on Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon.

We transmit the values ​​of the circus from father to son. Our ancestors created this circus. They are buried in Neubourg and we have remained circus professionals. We perform in small towns, in order to bring happiness and joy to children, but also to parents. We have suffered for two years from the coronavirus crisis.

Jean-Pierre Montana.

A circuit in the 1950s

The Chocolat clown amazed the children
The clown Chocolat amazed the children ©Reveil normand

The Montana circus performs mainly in Normandy, in the Centre, in the Pays-de-Loire, in Brittany and on the Normandy coast in summer. It is available to businesses and schools for end-of-year shows.

In the 1950s, I came to the region and even went to school in the communes where the circus performed.

Jean Pierre Montana

After Saint-Ouen-sur-Iton, the Montana circus continues on its way and stops in Chandai.

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