After Olivier Duhamel’s resignation, the urgency of governance reform at Sciences Po

Hours before an extraordinary board of directors, the National Foundation for Political Science (FNSP) lost another of its eminent members. On Wednesday January 13, Councilor of State Marc Guillaume, former secretary general of the government and current prefect of Ile-de-France, indeed announced his resignation from all the boards of directors where he sat with Olivier Duhamel: the FNSP therefore, the review Powers, that he co-directed for a long time with the political scientist, and the Le Siècle club. “Having frequented Olivier Duhamel for years, I feel betrayed and absolutely condemn these acts”, said Marc Guillaume in a brief press release.

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Affected by charges of incest, Olivier Duhamel, who since 2016 chaired this body in charge of financial management and strategic orientations of the Parisian Institute of Political Studies, had resigned from his functions on January 4.

Introducing the session, the director of Sciences Po, Frédéric Mion, appeared “Affected”, according to several participants. “I thought he was going to announce his resignation to us because his declaration was so serious. He seemed quite upset and maybe Marc Guillaume’s resignation that very morning contributed to it. “ It must be said that outside the circle of the institute, public support for its director is rare or even non-existent.

The only member of the government to have reacted and also a former candidate to succeed Richard Descoings at the head of the establishment, Jean-Michel Blanquer launched a pique on Sunday January 10: “What is certain is that we must regret the omerta throughout this period, declared on RTL the Minister of National Education before concluding: Not to denounce is to be an accomplice. “

Need for transparency

Unsurprisingly, the board of directors elected Louis Schweitzer, interim president, to replace Olivier Duhamel. Its mission will be “To support the evolution of governance practices within the institution” by preparing the elections for the renewal of part of the seats on the board of directors, including that of the presidency of the FNSP, which will take place before May 10, said Sciences Po in a press release Wednesday evening.

The election of Louis Schweitzer, the only candidate among the members of the “college of founders”, to which he has belonged since 2006, took place by secret ballot, and remotely. At the end of the day, the candidate obtained 22 votes and one blank vote and his vice-president, Professor Emeritus Jean-Paul Fitoussi, 21 votes and two blank votes.

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