After she raised the shoes live in the face of this artist.. Fajr Al-Saeed closed her channel and moved away from the media.. The reason shocked everyone!

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Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, decided to close her TV channel, Scope, because it was unable to continue, after 12 years of broadcasting.

Al-Saeed said in a message to her that “in light of the developed world, it is not possible to continue costly television broadcasting in light of decision-makers who do not believe in media. So, with a heart full of sadness, I decided to shut down Scoop TV after 12 years of broadcasting. It was a beautiful experience and we contributed to the Arab Spring in Kuwait and created a form different from the usual media.”

And she added in another tweet that she is the only one standing in the first line of defense in front of other media, and wrote, “I know that there are those who wish for me to disappear, and this is a feast day for them. You have the right to rejoice and celebrate my absence, and you have the right to be healthy. I really can’t go on.”

And the social networking sites broadcast a video clip of Fajr Al-Saeed in one of their programs, in which she appears holding a shoe to show how to respond to critics, as she waved it high, and said: “Why do you burn your nerves if Jack is an inappropriate person who has the means.”

One of the followers criticized the method of Fajr Al-Saeed, and wrote a tweet attached to the video, in which it stated: “The ethics of Fajr Al-Saeed, his safety is a media, beginning with Al-Juti in front of the viewers. I do not respect her old age, nor the viewers, and God is a shame.”

It is worth noting that the attack on Fajr Al-Saeed came after insults were exchanged between her and Saudi political activists who criticized and attacked her after she asked for forgiveness from Kuwaiti artists Haya Al-Shuaibi and Mona Al-Shaddad.

The audience was surprised by the appearance of the artist’s name Ahlam in the Fajr Al-Saeed attack on one of the followers, who criticized her comment on the appearance of Kuwaiti politician Ahmed Al-Saadoun on the “Trend” program to talk about the resigned government’s tendency to hold a special session to approve budgets.

Al-Saeed wrote a tweet through her account on “Twitter”: “His absence was from my absence, Boazzouz. Otherwise, I would have replied to you, but unfortunately, I am on leave … Suffice it to say, because after the leave I am honored to be the star of your ransom.”

One of the followers criticized the offensive tweet directed by Fajr Al-Saeed to the former Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Ahmed Al-Saadoun, expressing his astonishment at the wars that she is waging on her official page on “Twitter” through her tweets, describing her as “old people”, and wrote: “And God willing, the needy On vacation and fighting with everyone, my mind dictates it

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