After Sherine’s statement about the “swimsuit” at Jeddah’s party, the audience comments: “If you don’t do that, don’t be embarrassed.”

2023-05-30 17:10:00

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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

Actress Sherine Abdel Wahhab continues to raise controversy, after her recent statement at her concert in Jeddah, which was held last Sunday, and because of which she was attacked and criticized by many social media pioneers.

During Sherine’s preparation to sing one of her songs on the stage, she joked with the audience, saying, “Oh, you were free. Tell me, I came in a swimsuit,” amidst the audience’s interaction with her spontaneity.

Sherine’s prank was criticized by many social media pioneers who attacked her, saying: “It is necessary for lightness, you did not say, you will not speak, there is no benefit, the swimsuit and you are in weight, if you do not do this, you will not feel comfortable.”

Sherine had revived her last concert as part of the “Jeddah Season”, during which she performed many of her most famous songs, in addition to singing a number of Kawkab Al Sharq songs “Umm Kulthum”, including the song “Biography of Love”, which the audience interacted with amid the applause of the audience.

Shereen’s concert in Jeddah is her first collaboration with the Rotana audio-visual company, after all the differences between them ended and a reconciliation was reached, which was announced by Salem Al-Hindi, CEO of “Rotana” during the past few days.

Sherine also recently appeared on the “Carpool Karaoke” program, presented by the journalist Hisham Al-Huwaish, during which she made many statements, including, “Oh, my tongue is as rich as you want, but you don’t speak. I want 16 rounds to empty them into Hussam Habib.”

It is noteworthy that Sherine was among those invited to honor the late musician Mohamed El-Mogy at the “Masterpieces of El-Mogy” concert, and she participated in singing a number of his most famous songs, including “I am my heart for you inclined” by the late artist Fayza Ahmed. .

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