After suffering from a vocal cord disease, the artist Haifa Hussein reveals the latest developments in her health condition

2023-11-07 16:19:00

Bahraini artist Haifa Hussein revealed the latest developments in her health condition, after she announced that she had a vocal cord disease.

Haifa Al-Hussein posted a video on her official account on a social media platform, saying: “There is nothing wrong with me and I am fine, and I love you, and thank you for your love. People have made the issue a little big, but I am fine.”

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It is worth noting that Haifa Hussein’s illness was revealed at some point in the past, explaining how fatigue began, as she felt fatigue in her vocal cords 3 months ago after suffering from a severe cold while filming the Luna Story series in Jordan. After she returned to Bahrain, she was unable to speak for 10 days and lost her voice. .

After going to the doctor and examining her, the doctor confirmed to her that she was suffering from fatigue in the vocal cords and mouth muscles and asked her to go to a speech pathologist.

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