After the Maghreb boats, Dr Raoult blames the shisha

If the epidemic has returned to young people this summer, it is because 25-45 year olds smoke shisha. This astonishing statement comes from the now famous microbiologist of the IHU of Marseille, Didier Raoult. “Infectious diseases are always linked to the use of new technology,” added Dr. Raoult, a great defender of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment against Covid-19 despite numerous contradictory studies and the end of not receiving WHO experts.

The hookah 2.0 thus serves as an explanation for the new summer epidemic wave that Didier Raoult had tried to deny all spring and all summer before being contradicted by the facts and an excess mortality that spared neither the south of France, nor Marseille.

This new explanation ignoring the many factors that could explain the epidemic outbreak in young adults (vacation mixing, nightclub, bar, exposed jobs, …) comes after other attempts to explain the rebound of the disease. As a reminder, in September 2020, he had questioned pell-mell, a mutant virus arrived in Marseille on board ships from the Maghreb, Jewish religious holidays, and Roma weddings in the Marseille capital.

Neither the reassuring predictions of the end of the epidemic, nor the clumsy attempts to catch up with the branches of the new wave will have convinced. If the shisha, like nightclubs, gyms, bars and restaurants are places at high risk of contamination (promiscuity and lack of mask), they cannot bear the burden of the epidemic outbreak in isolation. Moreover, despite their closures, the contaminations remained on a high plateau in France. Finally, the eastern countries, which Didier Raoult frequented in his youth and where the culture of shisha is rooted, have not experienced such a dramatic situation as France.

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