after the riots, the French are waiting for the second markdown

2023-07-09 04:10:04

Barthélémy Philippe, edited by Alexandre Dalifard / Photo credit: RICCARDO MILANI / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 6:10 am, July 9, 2023, modified at 11:54 am, July 9, 2023

This year, the summer sales were marked by a first week of markdowns disrupted by riots and the context of inflation. However, traders will take advantage of the government’s one-week extension to raise the bar. Especially since many consumers waited for the second markdown.

The summer sales continue. After a first week of markdowns, partly disrupted by the riots, which occurred after the death of Nahel, and the context of inflation, traders have until August 1 to try to raise the bar, after the government’s decision to extend a week’s operation. The bet is not won, but not impossible either and it is now that it is played. Especially since many consumers have waited for the second markdown, with further price cuts as a result, to go shopping.

“Best Deals”

This is the case of Christiane who had checked the date of the second markdown in her favorite store. “I’m looking for lights already. And in clothes beautiful pieces. There are good prices. This is where we find the best deals”, assures the consumer at the microphone of Europe 1. For her part, Marie does first the balances to have fun. For her, the question of the price comes after. “I admit that I don’t look. Except for the very expensive lingerie. I just bought three panties for the price of one,” she rejoices.

A trend explained by Laurent Landel, president of Bonial France, a company specializing in digital . “You have a significant share of those who plan to go on sale. And 36% of them will wait for the second sale with even greater discounts, given this context of very largely under pressure purchasing power. The risk, it’s just to have a much more limited choice. The first to arrive will be the best served in terms of choice, but not in terms of price”, underlines the specialist. And in total, 6 out of 10 French people plan to go on sale this summer with a typical profile, women under 35, who belong to the CSP+ category, the most favored.

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