After the shoot, Mammooka said in my ear that her DOP is good – Jio Baby

2023-11-22 12:44:00

After the shoot, Mammooka whispered in my ear ‘His DOP is good’: Jio Baby

Jio Baby talks about Mammootty’s involvement on location. Jio Baby tells about the location details of the Mammootty starrer Kathal The Core. Jio Baby added that they call them close and ask if they have eaten all the food and it is all about them.

Jio Baby said that the film’s D.O.P is new to Mammootty and he always asks him if he is happy and it never interferes with his decision. But Jio Baby said that when the shoot started, D.O.P. He was speaking in an interview given to Movie World Media.

‘Mammooka will call me and ask how food is. No need to ask that. It means that it cares about us. It has a new DOP for Mammooka. He has filmed with me. Mammooka is asking me how is D.O.P. Does not interfere with my decision, asks ‘Is he happy or not?’ I replied mammooka trust me. Mammooka also said that she trusts me.

The shoot started. After a few days of shooting, Mammooka came to my ear and said, ‘His DOP is good’. Because Mammooka doesn’t need to say that. After editing the picture, there is not even a single correction. There is only a small graphical problem. Mammooka’s words like this are happy for the DOP or the editor. It’s just that there has been an intervention to make the film better,’ says Jio Baby.

Mammootty and Jyothika are playing the lead roles in ‘Kathal Di Core’ directed by Jio Baby. The film will hit theaters tomorrow. The audience is waiting for the film with great anticipation.

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