Age of Mythology: Retelling – New Era of RTS Gaming on Xbox and PC in 2024

2024-02-24 15:39:04

Microsoft Xbox Game Studios in “New Year New Age”(New year, new era) Live broadcastIt was confirmed that the remake of the fantasy RTS “Age of Mythology” “Age of Mythology: Retelling” will be launched simultaneously on Xbox and PC (Steam) in 2024. Developer World’s Edge said that this remake is far more than the team’s past “definitive edition” specifications made.

“Mythic Age”, released in 2002, is set in the mythical era before history, when gods, mythical beasts, and humans fought against each other. Players can choose from four factions of the Greek, Nordic, Egyptian, and Atlantis pantheons to command the world’s great myths. Various units, and summon powerful lightning storms and earth-shattering divine earthquakes to destroy enemies.

Microsoft Xbox announced in 2022 that it will remake and extend “Age of Mythology: The Retelling” based on the original version. Now it has officially debuted. The team used the technology of “Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition” to remake the character model and upgrade the graphics. It not only added light tracing , a special engine handles visual effects, and also increases the game’s population limit.

ProducerEarnest Yuen Said in PC Gamer reportthe basics of the game have also changed. Units from 22 years ago can only automatically perform skills after the CD ends. Now players can further control and implement “micro-operations”.

The other is “divine power”, such as lightning, animal summoning, guardian statues and other powerful divine powers. If used properly, it can change the situation of the battle. However, it has only been used once in the past. The divine power in “Mythic Age: Retelling” has a cooling time.

“The change in divine power means a lot to e-sports players and viewers,” Yuen said, “because you know, just like the important CD of skills in MOBA events, that lightning or meteor will appear again soon. This expectation It makes the watching experience more fun.”

“Age of Mythology: The Retelling” includes 50 campaign story missions, and adds a single-player/cooperative mode “Arena of the Gods”, allowing players to challenge the maze in the trial of the gods, and also supports online play for 12 players. , compete in dozens of randomly generated maps and scenarios, or against advanced AI.

“Age of Mythology: The Retelling” will be launched on PC and Xbox platforms in 2024, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the first day.

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