Ahmed El-Sakka by Ramez Jalal: Oh, crazy son!

The Egyptian artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, was the victim of the second episode of the dumps program, “Ramez Never End.” He did not spare the words of ridicule he received from the presenter, Ramez Jalal.

According to the nature of the program, Al-Sakka was received by the media, Carla Haddad, to open a flying restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while Jalal was commenting: “With us today is Ahmed Al-Sakka, who changed the concepts of action in Egypt and changed his knee soap twice, and today we must stop him at his limit and let him know that a hole The chest has limits.

And Ramiz Jalal continued: “Al-Sakka is a door worker in his navel, and he says to the announcer, I am losing 12 kilos. Are you going to advance it or what?

Jalal also commented on Ahmed El-Sakka’s question about a food called the Afghan night, saying: “You don’t know the Afghan night, how are you even Zamalek?”

Al-Sakka was told that he is scheduled to taste a number of foods in order to determine the food he eats in the restaurant.

After that, “Al-Sakka” climbed the winch with Haddad, and felt some anxiety, and after sitting, he was surprised that it was a flying restaurant, and he began tasting the food, then Ramez Jalal surprised “Al-Sakka” by bringing out a large live fish.

And the restaurant begins to collapse amid great terror from the guest, and tables and dishes fall, amidst the screams of the extras and the guest, and one of those was Ramez Jalal.

After that, Ramiz Jalal revealed his identity, and Ahmed Al-Sakka began to threaten him, but the first grabbed an electric stick to threaten him if he refused to answer his questions and revealed some of the secrets that brought them together. Then Sakka was forced to tell about the secret.

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