‘Ahn Hyun-mo’s older sister’ Ahn In-mo “Lee Young-ae’s acting as conductor is restrained yet soft… she digests it naturally” (‘Maestra’)

2023-12-14 11:38:00

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[스포츠조선 고재완 기자] Interpreter Ahn Hyun-mo’s older sister, pianist Ahn In-mo, sympathized with Lee Young-ae’s passionate performance.

Lee Young-ae played the role of Maestra Cha Se-eum, one of only 5% of female conductors in the world, in the tvN Saturday-Sunday drama ‘Maestra’. Lee Young-ae, who returned to She is, once again revealed her unrivaled presence. Here, she attracts attention because she is actively supported by female musicians active in the classical world, including conductor Jinsol and pianist Inmo An.

First, Jinsol, a female conductor like Cha Se-eum in the play, said, “When I was young, it was a world where it was difficult for women to dare to dream that they could become conductors. I think the population of female conductors did not increase as women who wanted to learn conducting gave up their dreams.” “He said. This predicts not only Cha Se-eum’s rarity as a figure representing only 5% of female conductors in the world, but also that the process for her to be recognized in the industry was not smooth.

Regarding the conductor Cha Se-eum portrayed by Lee Young-ae, Jinsol said, “She was very good at acting as a lonely conductor who is strong and cool, but full of worries that she can’t tell anyone,” and added, “With the addition of the conducting practice she practiced for a long time, she has a wonderful appearance worthy of the word ‘maestra.’ He was full of praise, saying, “You expressed it very well.”

Female musician Ahn In-mo, who is active as a pianist, classical commentator, and writer, also said, “Conducting is difficult even if you just follow it,” and said that she was impressed by Lee Young-ae’s performance on the podium as ‘Maestra’. “It would not have been easy to lead with a disciplined yet gentle manner, with not only body movements but also facial expressions, but he naturally handled parts that were quite difficult in my eyes. I wanted to shout Brava! at Lee Young-ae’s conducting performance,” he said, expressing the emotion he felt at the time. conveyed depth.

He went on to explain, “A good performance depends more than 80% on the conductor’s capabilities. The conductor must not only stand tall in front of the members and lead the orchestra, but also guide the audience to focus on their appreciation.” From that perspective, Ahn In-mo happily conducted the Radetzky March as an encore in Cha Se-eum’s outdoor performance scene, eliciting applause from the audience, and the sense of accomplishment that she had finally accomplished her first performance was evident in her conducting, along with the comment that it was good.

Jinsol also said, “Cha Se-eum’s strong personality, who is generally portrayed as a sensitive genius, was revealed. However, when the orchestra faced difficulties, he was a humane leader who sacrificed himself and took the lead in finding alternatives, leading the members to work together to overcome them, and conveying emotion to the audience. “I could feel his personality,” he said. It was a part where you could feel that Lee Young-ae’s three-dimensional expressive ability, going back and forth between her genius maestra and the human Cha Se-yin, really brought out her immersion.

In this way, Lee Young-ae’s ‘Chamae’, who transformed into a conductor, is attracting attention by addressing the world of female musicians that has been hidden so far. Expectations are also focused on the performance that Lee Young-ae will perform as she stands on the podium as Maestra.

Reporter Go Jae-wan star77@sportschosun.com

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