Aigio – Agricultural Association: The Board of Directors and the Audit Committee were formed as a body – 2024-03-12 23:45:16

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From the meeting of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee on Sunday 10-3-2024.

According to the minutes of the electoral committee, drawn up after the counting of votes at the end of the elections of the Aegian Agricultural Association “Bakopoulos Drinias” and following an invitation, today the seven-member board of directors and the three-member audit committee were formed as a body.

After a vote, the responsibilities are defined as follows:

For the Board of Directors:
Chairman of the Board: Ioannis Bodiotis
First Vice President: Chelakis Athanassios
Second Vice President: Kosmas Ioannis
Secretary: Bodiotis Giorgos
Treasurer: Katsidimas Xenophon
Members: Bousmades Athanasios, Rabavilas Andreas
Eleni Antonopoulou
Antonia Papachristodoulopoulou
Dimitris Polychronopoulos
Psychramis Nikos
Tsamis Pantelis
Mitropoulos Apostolos
Dimitris Deligiorgopoulos
Christopoulos Christos
For the Audit Committee:
Zampati Alexandra
Members: Christina Meidana-Rentoulis, Derekis Dimitris
Andreas Busmadis
Sklivanos Ioannis

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