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“I want to say in front of all of Italy that I never wanted to hurt my daughter, I didn’t kill her, it never crossed my mind to kill my daughter, it wasn’t premeditated.” These are the words spoken by Alessia Pifferi, accused of the murder of her 18-month-old daughter, in the courtroom of the ongoing trial in Milan. In spontaneous declarations, the accused starts from childhood and describes herself as an “isolated child, I had no friends my age and at school I had a support teacher”, she tells of an abuse suffered as a minor which was never revealed to her family, of dropping out of school which she was against, and how “all the men I ever had teased me and played with me”. He also talks about a difficult climate with the family, accused of being absent: “my sister has always hated me and I don’t know why and I didn’t know about all the problems, the pathologies I have. If I had known I think I would have taken a psychological path , psychiatric, I would have been treated.”

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Then it’s a river in flood on little Diana. “I never wanted to hurt my daughter, I didn’t kill my daughter, I never thought about it, it never even crossed my mind to kill my daughter, it wasn’t something premeditated, never in my life have I I thought something like this could happen to my little girl”, explains the accused. “I find myself in a humiliating, delicate situation and in prison I’m always locked in a cell, I can’t do anything, they don’t let me take courses, which is driving me crazy, it’s sending me into total depression. There’s no there is neither a day nor a minute in which I don’t think about my daughter Diana. Diana came into the world suddenly, I didn’t know I was pregnant, I accepted her and it was the best gift that life could give me”, she declares.

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Pifferi’s version, which does not correspond to that of the prosecutor. The accused is described as a lying woman who aims for “sentence discounts”, who “continues to lie even in front of her daughter’s body and who thinks about the best version to offer to those who listen”, a mother who aims to “halve , reduce one’s responsibilities by placing them on others.” A woman, as Milan prosecutor Francesco De Tommasi explains in his indictment, “as soon as she finds her daughter lifeless, due to a condition that she created, her only worry is ‘will they arrest me?’ She is worried about defending herself, not about taking note of what happened, every explanation she offers is in terms of self-defense”, she concludes.

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