Airplane pilot explains how he survived the accident in Copacabana

The accident was registered last Tuesday morning when the pilot and his companion they lost height and crashed against a house, and inhabitants in the El Noral village believed that they had not survived.

In videos that circulated on social networks, it was seen when a man managed to record the moment when the aircraft rushes to the ground: “Oh … it went out,” exclaimed the witness.

Fortunately, firefighters and policemen managed to rescue the two injured who were trapped between the cans, since on impact the plane Lightweight, license plate HJ-131, it broke into pieces, knocked down a concrete wall and affected a couple more homes.

The pilot has already been discharged and Snail News He interviewed him to find out details of the moment of the accident, since Óscar Marín believes that a mechanical failure occurred and that he is miraculously alive.

“They were 40 eternal minutes. The people helping and we also told them how to do it, because our feet were between the pedals of the plane and the engine, which bent”Said the man.

As for why he turned off the engine before crashing, Marín explained that it was a maneuver to remove power from the device.

“I turn off the engine, precisely, to take away all the power and the possibility that when we fell, we would not have any type of energy from the batteries or engine power,” he said.

This lawyer says that he feels that, according to the statistics, “he was born again”, and the pilot Mauricio Castaño said, in the news, that there is a “high survival rate” for being a light plane that flies at low altitude.

These videos and photographs give an account of the plane crash in Copacabana, Antioquia, on Tuesday, January 19.

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