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Airway – El Murid – LJ

On May 1, the well-known and one of the most respected magazines “Lancet” published an article entitled «Ten scientific reasons in support of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2» – “Ten reasons to support the hypothesis of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 by air.”

The essence of the article and the meaning of the conclusions made is that the coronavirus is specific in that it spreads not by airborne droplets, as previously thought, but by air. And this is a fundamental and key difference. For the airborne path of spread, it is important to have wet secretions from a sick person, which settle on surfaces and spread near it. As soon as the droplets of the liquid containing the virus dry out, the virus very quickly ceases to pose a threat. To a certain extent, masks and isolation of patients solve the problem of the spread of the virus. But the airborne path of spread means that the virus is quite viable without droplets of liquid, it just exists in the air. And a person becomes infected because he breathes. And if we can be fined for not wearing a mask, then it is impossible to forbid breathing. Even in theory. This means that this virus exists regardless of any police, administrative and medical measures to combat it.

It is understandable why the article was ignored, although it is of paramount importance. The authorities of all countries, having adopted a strategy for combating covid precisely in a police-terrorist vein, if this article is adopted as a guide to action, must abandon crippling quarantine measures simply because of their incapacity. If the virus is around us, and exists regardless of all modes, and the means of isolation from such a virus make the concept not just a normal life, but life in general meaningless, then we cannot go in suits of the highest biological protection all our lives. All the more meaningless are masks, gloves and insane restrictions on everything and everyone.

Moreover, vaccination is also neither a panacea nor a solution. It increases the chances of the body, but it is inaccurate. But the side effects and complications, which, due to the speed of vaccine development, simply could not be investigated – they are just there. And the already known statistics are quite convincing about this. The fact that no side effects have been recorded in Russian vaccines speaks more about the dishonesty of the Russian medical authorities than about the qualities of these substances.

Since all this is so, then a fundamentally different, and, by the way, more reasonable in all senses strategy of struggle comes to the fore: increasing the individual health of a particular person. And yes, even then there are no guarantees, since we are (generally speaking) all mortal. We live, we get sick and we die. But this is absolutely not a reason to drive all of humanity into a ghetto, and without any imputed guarantees.

Covid is now for a long time. Not forever, of course, as time will pass – and he will give way to some new disease. But we should understand that we will live with him, as we lived earlier with the flu. Yes, the flu is also not a gift, quite a lot of people died from it, but this was all part of the concept of normality.

The problem, apparently, is not in the medical part of this whole story. Under the guise of covid and the fight against it, tasks that are extremely far from human health are being solved. And that is why any common sense is forcibly broken, the most primitive propaganda is actively working, focused on creating an atmosphere of fear and horror (which in itself allows us to interpret this as terror). This is a more reasonable explanation of what is happening. If only because everything else is much less reasonable.

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