“Ajarn Aui” enhances the popularity, revealing the secrets of Mu for the year of the rabbit.

“Hit the end of the kitchen”…start the new year with bang, make it perfect, make you lucky with “Ajarn Ui”, the best advisor of Sai Mu this year. must come and report Let Ajarn Oui arrange the Wicha Mu moves to enhance the popularity, recharge the power of fame, work, and love as precisely as possible. with one of the disciples “Yaya Ying” coming to guarantee that the pull is not But how much is the most popular? The black witch Moo every night ever… But today the special is The troops went to open the office, open the house, open the book of bang together in the program “Tai Thai Krua”, a playful variety that does not enter the alley and does not go out the door. This Sunday….watch live on Channel 3(33), watch mobile phone at 3plus..at 2:15 p.m.

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