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Part 1ThenOrthoclaseWhenPotageI have taken up the data that will be a tailwind for, but in the second part, I would like to take up two candidates for Anoma who have the potential to advance to the top in terms of data.

◆[American Jockey Club Cup 2022 Forecast / Overtake Diagnosis]Dry evaluation for popular horses with high performance.

[AJCC / Overtake Diagnosis]Dry evaluation for popular horses with high performance. Concentration is “not perfect yet”.

■ 2022 American JCC Anoma Candidates Guided by Data

Two years ago, he won a heavy prize with four consecutive victories in Henon.After returning from a long rest, it is the second race to expect a revival.King of Kojiis. In the previous race, the two most popular horses, who advanced to 1st and 2nd on the way in 5th place, made the top line as they were, and the rest of the race was settled. In that situation, the first five finishers are difficult to evaluate, but there are additional materials in terms of data.

・ Nakayama Shiba’s grades[2-0-0-1]

It should be noted that the two wins include the record of winning at Nakayama Shiba 2200m. It is also a course form that makes it easy to generate repeaters who run under the same conditions over and over, and there is a good chance that the actual horse will change depending on the conditions of specialty.

2 Popularly supported previous runCopa Republica ArgentinaIs 8th. Is the wall of the big prize really thick? … Here is the data that will change the impression.

・ Clockwise results[3-4-0-1]

The data mentioned earlier in the Potage section can also be applied to this horse. It is a type that makes you look fragile in the counterclockwise direction, and 2 out of 3 races that lost out of the betting ticket last year were counterclockwise. Nakayama Shiba 2200m is a stage with 2nd place of the later prize winner Win Kiitos. I am not surprised if there is a strong defeat in the advantage of the leading leg quality that is compatible with the American JCC.

◆[American Jockey Club Cup 2022 Forecast / Data Strategy-Part 1]A tailwind of “100% betting ticket rate” for leading horses

[AJCC / Data Strategy-Part 1]A tailwind of “100% betting ticket rate” for leading horses

▼ Other data forecast
◆[American Jockey Club Cup 2022 Forecast / Jockey Data]Lemaire “fixed 2nd place” is recommended for high dividends.

[AJCC / Jockey data]Lemaire “fixed 2nd place” is recommended if you are aiming for a high dividend, attention is a veteran with a “relationship rate of over 50%” that meets the conditions

American Jockey Club Cup 2022 Expected Column List

▼ Overtake diagnosis
◆[S evaluation]”S” evaluation that surpasses orthoclase

◆[A rating]Highly rated by King of Koji “A” “The best after returning” by adding up from the previous run

◆[A rating]Highly rated for the ambushed horse that was defeated in the previous race.

◆[B evaluation]Dry evaluation for popular horses with high performance. Concentration is “not perfect yet”.

▼ Anoma forecast
◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.1]Opportunity for the “blind spot” that continues to be defeated.

◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.2]”Course expert” that covers the lack of achievements of planets with a win of “6 popularity” or less

◆[Anoma Analyze Vol.3]”Inevitable rewinding” from the complete defeat of the ambush soldiers with the assumed odds of “30 times” or more

◆[Dangerous popular horse-Part 1]One of the two strongest horses is “erased” What is one “should not buy” in a battle fortune-telling long-distance routes in spring?

◆[Dangerous popular horse-Part 2]Pay attention to the high-dividend maker Anoma again.

▼ Other data trends for the past 10 years
◆[Frame order]The Kikuka-sho 2nd orthodox race has 7 frames and 11th consecutive quorum top “5 frames” with ambush horses

◆[Pedigree tendency]Pedigree composition that changes completely by extending the distance Judge of “buy” for a graded horse with a single recovery value of “314%”

◆[Leg quality tendency]While “preceding” has won for 6 consecutive years, the anxiety factor of “out of V area” is the top popularity

◆[Previous Rote]Focus on distance-specific data of “melee” and “past 15 horses in the betting ticket” in the absence of a good performer

◆[Popularity trend]You can trust the most popular of “5 consecutive years in a row”, but you should be cautious of the ambush with a win recovery value of “532%”.

▼ Horse Racing Story Teller, Motonari Tahara’s Group Race Analysis TV “American JCC Edition”

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