AKK's proposal on Syria also offers opportunities

More questions than answers – AKK proposal causes controversy

Of the Coalition partner SPD feels left out, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas dupes because the Defense Minister interferes without agreement in the core area of ​​his portfolio. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) may have at least stretched her area of ​​expertise with her proposal to set up an international security zone on the Turkish-Syrian border.

But your suggestion also offers chances to find solutions in the endless Syrian disaster. Even if these chances do not seem big at first.

As a weakness, their critics brand that Kramp-Karrenbauer's approach is quite unconcrete. She speaks of an "internationally controlled security zone involving Turkey and Russia – with the aim of de-escalating the situation there". It wants "a European push within NATO" and a move under the existing UN resolution. Troops, even with the participation of the Bundeswehr, it indicates only.

Exactly this blurring, however, has led to widespread debate in Germany about what would be possible after the hasty withdrawal of US troops from northern Syria.

In their respective second sentences after the criticism of the advance, foreign and defense experts of the SPD and the Greens also say that a UN mission would be desirable. The Russian government signals willingness to talk.

There are also starting points for Turkey to find out again from the offensive. Because since the Syrian Kurds allied with Assad's troops, the Turkish invasion threatens to escalate into a war with Syria.

And perhaps it is also attractive for Russian President Vladimir Putin to have to permanently use fewer soldiers between the parties to the conflict in the Middle East. So at least Kramp-Karrenbauer has opened up possibilities for talks towards peace.

Yes, it may be that nothing comes out of their push. Then the situation prevails, as it was before: Europe's foreign ministers half-heartedly stop arms exports to Turkey and criticize Erdogan's invasion of Syria in the strongest terms. And that was it, while death and expulsion on Europe's external border are always demanding new victims.

A coordinated within the Federal Government thrust would of course have been better. However, the impression is probably not entirely wrong that this would have taken endless time in this coalition, while Putin and Erdogan create facts – and the NATO ministers this week probably once again advised only without obligation.

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