Al Evidently Loves His Wife! Aldebaran Admits Fear of Losing Andin, Watch Love Bonds Now

BLITAR MEDIA – Soap operas The Bond of Love currently airing a tear-draining episode so many viewers are carried away with the story.

Currently The Bond of Love entering the 104th episode after the previous night three episodes aired at once.

The Bond of Love this time telling about Al who already managed to bring Andin to the hospital and Andin had experienced cardiac arrest.

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However, Andin was successfully saved and treatment was continued in the room ICU because of the conditions Andin still critical.

When accompanying Andin go to ICU, Al remember all the times together with Andin.

Al to remember memories while trying to help Andin before becoming his wife, but Andin keep pushing.

Other than that, Al also remembered when he married and legally became a husband Andin. Not only that, Al also remembered his romantic moments when he was alone with Andin.


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