Al-Sayyed explains: It is solely a state of fear!

Representative Jamil Al-Sayed expressed his regret on Twitter that Judge Ghada Aoun did not reveal the corruption files of Banque du Liban and its partners, which the French judiciary did. He noted that most of the media had mobilized against the judge and insulted her using paid trumpets. Additionally, he questioned why there was silence about the French judiciary’s move, suggesting that it was due to fear. He concluded by stating that most of the corrupt money is in European banks.

Representative Jamil Al-Sayed tweeted on his Twitter account, writing: “I am sorry, Judge Ghada Aoun did not open the files of corruption of the Banque du Liban and its partners more than the French judiciary does today.
Here, most of the media mobilized against the judge and brought in all the paid trumpets to insult her.

He added, “Why did they remain silent today about the action of the French judiciary? Simply put, it is fear!”

Al-Sayyed concluded, “Most of the money of the corrupt is in European banks.”

The corruption scandal involving the Banque du Liban and its partners continues to be a contentious issue in Lebanon. Representative Jamil Al-Sayed’s recent tweet brings attention to the lack of media coverage of the actions taken by the French judiciary in contrast to the harsh criticism faced by Judge Ghada Aoun. It is essential to hold corrupt individuals and institutions accountable, regardless of their location or influence, and to support those who seek justice. The pursuit of transparency and integrity is crucial for the progress of any society, and it is our responsibility as citizens to demand it.

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