Alan Tam is caught in the peach-colored storm

Alan Tam is caught in the peach-colored storm

“Music Principal” Alan Tam (Alan) was recently involved in the turmoil, and immediately issued a statement denying and condemning the incident. The person who claimed that his 23-year-old girlfriend had an indiscreet relationship with a married male singer also “disappeared” nearly 24 hours later today. In the afternoon (25th), he posted another post, but this time he did not continue to break the news. He only posted a post saying that he had not been “PR”, he did not accept “PR”, and occupied public resources for his own posting, all because It is caused by being too mad to vent. And Ye Zhong reduced his girlfriend to an “ex-girlfriend”, saying that the other party had confessed to him, but he implied that the woman was a “brain fan” and that he would be legally responsible for all the content he posted. If someone thinks that she is If the necessary measures are taken to slander, he will accompany him to the end.


Netizens said that they chose to vent them publicly because they were too ridiculous.

As soon as this article was published, many netizens left messages. Not many people doubted that his remarks in the past few days were all targeted. The Tag buried Allen, but after seeing that he uploaded the so-called “evidence,” he Del Post again, which was discredited. Allen’s suspicion, and there are also netizens who don’t eat peanuts less and post new “evidence”, which has aroused heated debate.


Originally, it was quite “evidence” that black-clothed men’s trousers had been uploaded.


Although he deliberated on the Post, he had already delayed Alan Tam into the water.

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