Albert of Monaco publishes a Christmas family portrait… and a detail strikes internet users

It is a traditional family portrait where each member shines. Above: Charlène and Albert of Monaco, accompanied by their two children, Gabriella and Jacques. In front of a magnificent Christmas tree carefully decorated with gold and green and a majestic fireplace, the Monegasque royal family poses, jewellery, make-up and looks dressed to the nines.

Everything could therefore be perfect on this shot except that a convincing detail marks from the first glance and Internet users obviously did not miss it. Indeed: the quality of this photo is particularly poor. Unexpected neglect from a royal family. “Too bad the quality of the photo is really not good”observes one while others wonder: “Is this recent?”.

In comment, Prince Albert of Monaco recognizes and apologizes for the quality of the photo. “That’s how I got it, I didn’t scan it myself. Hope to get a clearer one soon”, he explains. Appreciated responsiveness… Waiting for a less pixelated shot!

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