Alberto Fernández maintained that the Frente de Todos “will win in the next elections”

2023 is marked by the elections in Argentina, and President Alberto Fernández assured that the Frente de Todos will win the elections. For now, only a few names have run for office in the ruling party, including Daniel Scioli and Jorge Capitanichalthough it is expected that this year other leaders will join that list.

“I am sure that we are going to win the elections in the next elections”, Fernández emphasized when inaugurating the 2023 cycle of the We Move the World festival at the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK).

In this framework, the President He proposed to “make a pact” to carry out “the utopia of equality” and argued: “We are not living in a just society in social terms of distributive justice or egalitarian in terms of the human condition.”

“We have to build that egalitarian society. What is it about? To be convinced, to persist, not to loosen up, that this green tide never subsides. All this is needed and that in that green tide more and more men appear claiming together with women. So, one day that utopia will be a reality as democracy is a reality today”, he stressed.

After emphasizing that he is “the son of a country that for many years had weak governments and ferocious dictatorships,” Fernández recalled: “When we got to the year ’83 and we had seen these women in the square, the grandmothers looking for their grandchildren, We had a utopia: we wanted democracy to stay forever in Argentina».

«The concept of utopia takes us all to a place where it is an impossible dream to realize. However, we make that dream come true. Look around the world at how democracies are weakened by the insidious press, by hate speech, by a recalcitrant extreme right. However, in Argentina, it’s not that that doesn’t exist, eh, but democracy is not movedyou’re tall.

In another section of his speech, the president pondered the sanction of the law of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) in 2020, warning that “what happened in Argentina was caused by a flood of women who took to the streets to demand their rights.”

«The only thing I did was get on the tide of you. What merit can fit Alberto? In any case, he has the merit of having realized that there was a fair, necessary, important claim and that a response had to be given to that claim, “he said.

And he completed: «Since it was my turn to be the president and I had the power that I had, I said ‘well, let’s do what all this human tide is telling us every March 8. That was what we did, it was nothing else.

Regarding the debate on the legalization of abortion, Fernández recalled that the women’s group was “afraid” that in 2020 it could not become law, since during the government of Mauricio Macri the project was sent to the National Congress but “it had failed.”

“It had been tried and there had been failure. He had been shipwrecked in the Senate, but there was a difference: now the president called the governors to tell them ‘hey, here is a very important social space that is claiming this, please follow this’. He didn’t tell them ‘please don’t come with him’. That was the difference,” he said.

In this sense, Fernández indicated that “in 2022 the death of women due to pregnancies that culminated in an abortion fell by 40%” and specified: “What does that mean? That we were right when we said that this law had to be dealt with as soon as possible so that women stop dying.

Furthermore, the head of state raised the need to “end gender violence”, when communicating that an employee of the Ministry of Labor of the Nation was murdered.

“Today I found out that in the Ministry of Labor we had a femicide, which is unfortunate and moves us all. We have to continue working so that this ends once and for all. We must not continue to tolerate this happening,” she said.

Finally, the president summarized: “We Move the World made a lot of sense. That is why the first ones who went out into the streets did not realize that they were going to end up saving the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

«Perhaps they did not realize that they were not only moving the world but that they were changing it and they were also changing the heads of many men who should have reviewed how this is, accept, understand and act accordingly to join that wave and cause the change,” he completed.

Fernández was accompanied on stage by the Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Ayelén Mazzina, and the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer.

_ With information from Argentine News

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